25-100 NEW Head Fitting with Ball Race for 10mm Carbonfibre Tube


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25-100 Ball raced head fitting + 50mm backstay crane - for 10 mm diameter carbon tube with an 8 mm ID. This is a NEW fitting that replaces the old 023g or 23-008 head fitting, and now includes a backstay crane which is 50mm long.

Suitable for Marblehead, Ten Rater, 6 Metre and similar sized boats.

A   We use 20 mm wide Mylar tape to reinforce the top of the mast tube. You can use deck patch material or carbon tow and epoxy resin.

B   On Marblehead class A1, B1 & C1 rigs you should add the upper limit mark to the rotating arm.

C   When used with eyelet luff sails it is useful if the upper edge of the arm has a series of notches. Moving the head of the sail aft allows the top of the sail to be flattened (useful when over pressed) and twist off more.

D   Move the backstay as far forward as possible on the carbon crane  without conflicting with the mainsail leech to reduce mast bend and increase forestay tension.

To attach a SAILSetc burgee drill a 1.6 mm diameter hole in the mast where shown and use an O ring, ref 082-010, to secure the burgee. Note the bend in the burgee wire. The lanyard and clip hook are a safety measure to avoid losing the burgee.

A 1.5mm allen key is required for use with this product.

Our previous version of this fitting proved very popular. This replacement combines the head fitting and backstay crane into a single unit suitable for use with almost all M and 10R rigs where 10 mm diameter carbon tube is used for the upper mast. In this robust unit the backstay crane and head fitting are captive preventing loss or misalignment.







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